Effective 21st December 2001 the Privacy Commissioner requires that all health care facilities implement new procedures to protect the privacy, confidentiality and the rights of our patients.

This facility has always implemented procedures to protect the privacy of our patients. We do not release any information regarding our patients without their written consent.

This privacy policy explains what kind of information we collect from our patients, what we do with the information, and how patients may access the information in their medical record.

Please read this information and the Consent to Use Personal Information Form given to you carefully. If you do not understand any of this information, please discuss it with our staff. Do not sign the form unless you have had all of your questions addressed to your satisfaction.

We may hold the following information about our patients

Telephone Numbers
Date of Birth
Email Address
Health Fund Membership
Medicare and other identification numbers provided by the patient
Details of family, next of kin and emergency contact details
Medical History
Details of any physical examination of the patient
Details of previous treatments and operations
Relevant family medical history
Details of allergies, sensitivities and adverse reactions to drugs
Other Health Information
Details of investigations and results
Details of previous operations
General Practitioner's name
Referring Doctor's name
The names of other doctors past or present involved in your care
Religious beliefs or affiliations
Returned Service Organisations
Accounting Transaction details associated with our services
Additional information provided to us by the patient
Information provided through patient questionnaires and surveys

What we do with the personal information of our patients. We use our patients’ personal information to:

  • Provide medical treatment and care
  • Assist other medical, nursing and allied health professions inproviding care and treatment
  • Assist us with any calls from our patients
  • For our internal administrative requirements
  • Process private Health Fund Claims
  • Provide information to other medical, nursing and allied healthprofessionals who provide necessary follow up treatment and ongoing care
  • Benchmarking and Clinical Indicator programs to enable us to assess our level of service when compared to other hospitals in a de-identified format
  • To provide data in both identified and de-identified form to State and Commonwealth Departments and Agencies in compliance with legislation
  • To Third Party Bodies bound by us in agreement to the Privacy Principles. These bodies audit our facility for compliance to Australian Standards, Codes and Legislation for the purposes of accreditation
  • Specialist Sub Contractors and Consultants bound by the Privacy Principles who assist us in the management of our facility

Storage of your personal information
The personal information about patients is contained in both paper based documents stored and protected within the facility and in electronic records on our computer system that are maintained in a secure environment.

These records are only accessible by those persons employed by us who require restricted access to the personal information for the purpose of carrying out their employment.

All personnel sign Privacy and Confidentiality Agreements binding them to comply with the Privacy Principles outlined in the Privacy Act.

Access to our records
Patients may request access to personal information by writing to the Privacy Officer and or Medical Director.

Patients do not have to provide a reason for requesting access. Where we hold information that patients are entitled to access, we will endeavour to provide a suitable range of choices as to how you may access it.

If any patient believes that personal information held by us in incorrect, incomplete or inaccurate, then they may request amendment of it. We will then consider if the information requires amendment. If we do not agree that there are grounds for amendment, then we will make a note to the personal information stating that the patient disagrees with the record.

Patients having any questions regarding Privacy issues are encouraged to contact Cambridge Eye Clinic.